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The purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

~ Sydney J

The problem

What we are trying to solve

Over two-thirds of Indian children can only afford schools characterised by fear and discrimination, where textbooks must be recited and memorised, and little real learning takes place.

Denied access to good quality education, most families are unable to even dream of better opportunities for their children, perpetuating a cycle of poverty. Gyanankur was founded to address these challenges.

We believe that every person can blossom when lovingly nurtured, that learning is something to be enjoyed, and that quality education is a key to social transformation in India.

The solution

How we are making a difference

Our vision is to contribute to a paradigm shift in Indian education, through:

Impact Stories

The Results of our efforts

doorstep education

Championing for the girl child in a pandemic

Gyanankur has always championed the cause of education and equal opportunity for the girl child. Beginning with the provision of safe toilets and transportation for them, girls are given opportunities in sports, leadership development, arts and competitions. Teachers pay personal attention to encouraging the girl child and advocating on their behalf. 

Recently Mrs Ujagare noticed that Gauri*her third standard student from an underprivileged Banjara community, had barely attended class and had not submitted any work during the online class. She persisted in calling the parents and finally in talking with Gauri to identify and solve the problems she faced.

She negotiated with the parents and siblings to share access to the family device and later assisted in procuring a donated device so Gauri would not fall back a grade or be unenrolled. One of the teachers personally donates towards Gauri’s school fees. 

gradeskipping class grace

The Grade Skipping Class

This targeted initiative  helps tutor students who are behind but eager to learn, work hard, skip a grade and catch up with their age-appropriate class.  This helps them adjust socially.

There are currently 13 students coming in from the village, happy to be in a class where they are not always behind but helped. They are learning to speak English and now one of them Madhu has reached her age-appropriate class and is able to join them in a regular basis.

Our new teacher from Korea on teaching the class for the first time said,

“The Children’s passion for study is great.  They have confidence and pride in their studies. We can clearly see that the learner is enjoying studying.  They participate enthusiastically in class and work hard on their homework. I think of these kids as sponges with passion.” 


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We are a team of dedicated professionals who aim to transform the quality of education for underprivileged people. If you are interested in our work, and would like to contribute your skills, we have several job openings. Please apply.


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Information for Indian donors

Indian nationals who would like to contribute financially can make a bank transfer or deposit a cheque into the following account:

Bank: Bank of India, 285 Koregaon Park Branch, Tarabaug, Pune

Account Name: The Resurrection Education Society

Account No: 051220100001285

IFSC: BKID0000512

Cheques or letters can be mailed to the following address:

Resurrection Education Society Trust Office

Plot No. 7, Survey No. 42

Shilanand Housing Society, Near Rahul Video Hall

Somnath Nagar, Vadgaon Sheri

Pune 411 014

Donors need to also provide their name, address and a scanned copy of their PAN card along with the online transfer / cheque through email, mail, or a visit.